To give each child the opportunity to reach their highest potential.


To provide resources for children to develop into confident, competent, and caring adults in 4' Growth Areas:​




  •   SOCIAL

​To accomplish these goals, we invite the parents to engag in student's activities, building up a strong support system, and  maximizing the students opportunity to succeed.

​​​​​​​South Tifton Learning Center, Inc. (STLC)  ​​is a non-profit community based organization in Tifton, Georgia providing Tutoring to Pre K - 8th Grade Students (ages 6 to 13).  Over the past 15 years I have had the pleasure working as a Substitute Teacher for Tift County Schools, where I observed the need for additional assistance.  I embarked upon this journey of tutoring to help the students in my neighborhood an abroad by opening up my doors to tutor after work since 1992.  Today I oversee the South Tifton Learning Center along with other volunteers including but not limited to retired teachers, community organizations, and individuals that give of their time to impact a community for the good and betterment of our children. We have observed that the program has made a tremendous impact in the students’ lives and grades in school.  Caleb Blackmon started January 2015 he had challenges with math with the assistance of STLC Caleb ended the school year successfully onto the next grade. He is our trophy student, congratulations Caleb. The lack of resources, opportunities, and examples of success greatly impede students from envisioning their dreams.  Due to socioeconomic restraints and limited accessibility, some students miss opportunities to discover, explore their interest, and to develop their talents.  STLC has Retired Certified Teachers as tutors.  They are highly equipped to handle all subjects and have worked with students of all ages.  We offer assistance in developing study habits, building self-esteem, teaching organizational skills, and the ability to improve their grades. Whether your child is struggling academically or just want to get ahead, we offer tailor made (ONE on ONE) tutoring service that will achieve great results.  We can help unlock your child’s potential and send strugglers packing with confidence in a number of academic fundamentals or major subjects. We understand NO TWO STUDENT'S LEARN ALIKE! STLC tutoring program provides personalized instruction based on each student's individual needs.                             




Empower youth through educational programs, by building their confidence, their character, and to develop academic success that will LAST a LIFETIME.